coast to coast stationery supplies

School Packs

Each school has its own individually designed packs or starter kits compiled by the teachers of each subject. Each pack is shrink-wrapped providing maximum protection during transportation. Please call or email our sales team for a quote on any of your Book Pack or Kit requirements.

We can supply Book/Stationery packs in two ways – Bulk or as Book Packs.

Bulk Packs: Schools are supplied with all the items requested, in bulk and assemble a pack for each student.

Book Packs: Customised pack for each student as ordered by class or year. The school provides the quantity of packs required and these are then individually shrink wrapped, labeled to allow the student to know what pack it is and then packed in cardboard cartons ready for dispatch via Australia Post. Click here to view and purchase book packs online.

Student Book Lists: Take the stress out of hunting down your back to school student book list requirements, let us do the work for you. Simply email, fax, phone through or drop your student book list requirements into us. We will process your order and either post out to your home or you can collect from our office. Payment can be made by over the phone by credit card or direct deposit is also available.

Sample: Book Pack

  • Quill A4 Visual Art Diary
  • Tudor 96 Page A4 Grid Book
  • Tudor 4 x A4 Exercise Books
  • Tudor 96 Page Music Book
  • Helix Oxford 9 Piece Maths Set
  • Clear Plastic Ruler 30cm
  • Clear Mesh Pencil Case
  • Celco Glue Stick 21 gm
  • Texta Highlighters x 2
  • Celco Red, Blue, Black Pens
  • Texta HB Pencil
  • Texta 2B Pencil
  • Celco 2 Hole Sharpener
  • Faber Castell Eraser

Sample: Art Pack

  • A4 Visual Art Diary
  • 2B, 4B, 6B Lead Pencils
  • Round Paintbrush
  • Flat Paintbrush
  • A4 Mesh Pouch
  • Artline Fine Black Marker

Sample: Maths Kit

  • 180° Protractor
  • 360° Protractor
  • 45° Set Square
  • 60° Set Square
  • Celco Metal Compass
  • 15cm Plastic Ruler
  • Half Length HB Pencil
  • Small Eraser
  • A5 Mesh Pencil Case

Sample: Sewing Kit

  • Glass Head Pins Pkt 40
  • Bernina Metal Bobbin
  • Small Seam Stitch Ripper
  • Assorted Needles Pkt 12
  • Tape Measure
  • Tailors Pencils Pkt 3
  • Scissors Stainless steel
  • A5 Mesh Pencil Case